I like to be silent and act clueless just to let you show me how full of shit you are.
Om du ändå ska ljuga; gör det åtminstone bra!
I know what you did and wow… you’re shady.

I always knew you were different, hard to deal with, self-important, rude and sometimes even obnoxious. But I also always believe that behind all that was a big heart, who deep down wanted people well, Misunderstood… but once understood, you’ll see the beauty. Now I realized you’re a shit person and not what I thought you were. I’m wrong about you.

Maybe you weren’t always like this. Maybe somewhere along the line, you changed and I failed to notice. Or maybe you were a wolf in sheep clothing. Was it me being naive or just delusional? Or even just plain stupid. Whatever we wanna call it, I guess I made the wrong choice, but I did it for a good purpose. 

I was there for you, when no one else was, when you didn’t even deserve it. When I needed you, you gave me the cold shoulder. But I accepted it. I told myself that maybe he’s not able to be there for me now, but I’ll get it back later. I may not be the easiest person to deal with, but I’m nothing but loyal and good towards you and you’re responding by shitting on me. But now I know.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m even sitting here, still reflecting on things about you? I think it’s because I thought you were way better than this. I never believed you were this kind of person. And it pains me knowing that this is you, when I hoped so much more for you. Would anyone ask me about you 6 months ago, I’d tell them you wouldn’t do that kind of thing. You had ethics and morals. You yourself, disliked people like that. Now, you’ve turned into a deceiving hypocrite and when I look at you, I see pieces of what once were a person who I loved deeply.

You rip my heart out and stomp on it.. and then I’m the one apologizing for getting your shoes dirty.
My only advice for dealing with me, is to catch we while I still care.


hey could you hold this for me a second *gives you my hand*

You were my cup of tea, I drink coffee now.
— (via kingsleyyy)



*picks the hottest cashier at the grocery store*




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